French Chinese Center launches accelerator program for French luxury/tech startup to launch in China

Dernière mise à jour : 13 juin 2020

The French Chinese Center announces the creation of the 1st free acceleration program in France dedicated to help French start-up in the Fashion / Luxury / Beauty and Tech sector to launch in China, supported by the CCI Marseille Provence: China Booster

Created in 2005, the French Chinese Center is a non-profit association based in Aix-en-Provence, founded and chaired by Armand Mazloumian. It has a combination of local knowledge, a powerful network and considerable resources acquired in China over the past 16 years. The French Chinese Center is a pioneer in France in free value-added services to French SMEs and entrepreneurs in the Fashion, Beauty and Luxury sector, with the aim to develop on the Chinese market.

The organization has also been able to forge bonds with the City of Yantai and Qingdao for more than 10 years, promoting Franco-Chinese exchanges, along with the development and establishment of French start-ups and SMEs in Shandong province.

Brands such as Lancel, Sonia Rykiel, Rose et Marius, Renaissance Hôtel, Bastide but also French and Chinese economic development agencies have turned to the French Chinese Center for advice.

The China Booster accelerator is also partner to 3 incubators around the world and key players in China to create a trusted community where entrepreneurs can exchange ideas.

"Large conglomerates, institutions, major schools, private partners, can also join the China Booster accelerator. The reasons are diverse:For public actors, the goal is to support jobs and support innovation to create competitive clusters. For large companies, it is about exploring new markets and new ideas while supporting start-ups with their technologies during a mentorship. But China Booster is most of all a great source of inspiration for these large groups often looking for creative ideas while working with these startupers. As close as possible to market expectations, start-up can offer disruptive innovations.” says Armand Mazloumian, Founder, President of the French Chinese Center, Founder and Director of the China Booster Accelerator.

China Booster is a mentoring program which aims to provide tailor-made Chinese services to start-up and entrepreneurs to accelerate their business with China.

More than 20 applications were submitted to join the first promotion in April 2020. Among the winners, 3 French start-up in the Cosmetics, Perfume & Well-being sector - Atelier Sainte-Victoire, Collection35, KONJAK Paris and 1 European Tech start-up based in the Netherlands (Airbliss presented at CES 2020 LAS VEGAS) which has designed an innovative anti-pollution mask advertised as "the best intelligent mask for protection against polluted air in the world."

The advantages of the China Booster program:

Each start-up has access to benefits valued at € 1,500,000

An intensive tailor-made 6-month program to speed up your business with China

Mentorship, networks and business opportunities offered

A free program that does not impose any capital entry or sales commissions

What will the program's startups get?

• A "super base" of knowledge including a clear vision of China and an implementation plan

• Complete commercial and cultural immersion with China

• Full access to high quality resources acquired over 16 years ago in China

• A selected network of potential distributors, partners and investors, e-commerce platforms, distributors to help start-ups and entrepreneurs sign their first deals in China

• Mentorship by our Franco-Chinese team with more than 16 years’ experience with China

• Full access to our events in France with a Chinese audience

• Connection with leading experts and partners in France and China

• An exposure of the brand on the Chinese social networks of China Booster (WeChat, etc.) and our marketing

• Digital content translated into Chinese

• A free office to meet mentors, connect, exchange ideas and network and much more…

The start-up get a lot of benefits also from taking part on the China Booster ecosystem, including a full access to our conferences, mentoring sessions, connection with the ecosystem in France and in China (French Tech, French Tech Hong Kong / Shenzhen, Yunnan Trade Representative Office in France,...) to a privileged access to leading players (K11 Retail, Tencent,,, Parkson Retail Group departement stores...) and to a network of 25000+ connections and entrepreneurs acquired over 16 years in China.

Applications to the Acceleration Program are reviewed by our Selection Board. The first group of start-up joined the program in April 2020.

The next selections will take place in early October 2020.

Welcoming start-up:

Start-up and entrepreneurs can be welcomed at the Palais de la Bourse at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Marseille Provence, 6 la Canebière, 13001 Marseille by appointment by the team of China Booster to meet experts, exchange ideas and accelerate their innovative project in China.

"We are particularly pleased at Konjak Paris to have been selected to join the acceleration program for start-ups in the health / beauty / luxury sector China Booster. "We are convinced of the Chinese market’s potential in terms of e-commerce and we are impatient to introduce this audience to our 100% natural food supplement based on organic konjac." Kahina Mounier, co-founder and CEO of Konjak Paris.

“We receive many requests from China, and we are convinced that our brand has great potential there. But we do not necessarily have the resources or the codes to respond to them. The French Chinese Centre and its China booster acceleration program, drawing on its experience, its network, and its knowledge of Chinese culture, will be able to support our brand in its establishment on the Chinese market." David Desquiens, Founder and CEO of Atelier Sainte-Victoire.

"For Corpo35, which reveals talented perfumers, joining the China Booster program is the opportunity to showcase artistic and innovative fragrance creations made in France in short circuits." Cécile Vialla, Founder and CEO of Collection35

"China Booster will allow us to establish qualitative relationships with Chinese partners. French products have a very good reputation in China. The "French Touch" is innovative quality products with know-how and sensitivity when it comes to elegance and design. Entering the gigantic and dynamic Chinese market is complex and sometimes impressive. Being accompanied by China Booster means saving time, avoiding mishaps, and therefore significantly increasing the chances of success.” Adel Arigue, Founder and CEO of Airbliss

"I am delighted that the collaboration between the entrepreneurs of the China Booster program and the relevant expertise of the French Chinese Centre acquired over 16 years in Franco-Chinese relations are contributing positively to the development of start-ups who want to revolutionize the luxury and tech sector. Innovation was born from exchanges of ideas and constructive debates. », Armand Mazloumian, Founder, President of the French Chinese Centre, Founder and Director of China Booster.

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